Chris Brown’s Downward Spiral

Other than Wendy crying about her son, this is the only time I felt like she was being 100% honest with her emotion. I'm very critical of this woman, but I respect that. A lot Wendy's tears here were REAL. I wonder if she was thinking "this could have been

DEADLY Sea Snake Encounter

Everyone is talking about how they want coyote to have a show on animal planet but I'm glad he doesn't. If he did, the show would be ruined and become all scripted. I hope he keeps on making great vids like this on HERE

Protective son

Protective son 😱😂😉 on Finally, he gets to knock him out, thahahahaha, i think it's funny, there's nothing here to be carried away with, he's a little over protective over his mom, not real but funny to me, because there are grown men act like this with their mom, even if

The mermaid – A most watch..

Mermaids are still living in sea..Only a few people can see..I watched much more mermaid life on net..n their skeleton still are founded in sea shore...They are fish but like a woman. ..All body structure n characteristic are like a women...So in some island are the shelter of these mermaids.